Get to Know 5 Most Favorite Activities in Japan

An activity that is popular or done by someone continuously is called a hobby, which of course every human being all around the world has it. But every activity is different in every country, Japan is a country with a unique culture and tradition which makes several activities in this country different from other countries. Are you curious? Well, let’s take a look at this article.


The first activity is cooking. Japanese women love cooking. Especially men but women are more dominant to be doing this activity. Due to the traditions in Japan, men are supposed to be working in an office rather than cooking. Besides, women who love cooking in Japan are likely to be more attractive and most men are attracted to women who can cook. In that case, many teenage females are made to take cooking classes. 


This second activity is done by a lot of Japanese people. Drawing in Japan has been a favorite activity, no wonder the Japanese product of manga and comics are very popular. Most of the people in Japan have a drawing hobby even though not all have good drawing skills. According to Japanese people, drawing can make them feel satisfied. 


It might be quite confusing for several people thinking that walking is a hobby. But in Japan, most of the people enjoy walking rather than going on transportations. Some of them also enjoy jogging, but walking is more dominant in Japan. 

If you visit Japan you can see a lot of Japanese people walking around. 

Playing the piano

The piano is a popular instrument in Japan, and as a result, Piano is the most played instrument. Most parents in Japan put their children in music classes especially females to learn to play the piano.

Watching a movie

Like most countries watching movies is the most favorite activity all around the world especially in Japan. At weekends the cinemas are always full of families and people dating. 

These 5 activities are the most favorite activities in Japan, which almost all Japanese people make these activities as their hobbies. I believe several of you readers have the same hobby as the Japanese people. Am I right?

As we know Japan is a very interesting country to visit. Exploring Japan and getting to know their culture and tradition will be a fascinating experience. Especially getting to know their language.

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